Despite the E-mail and Web channels, direct mail continues to be the workhorse of direct marketing, generating response rates and productivity that far surpass other marketing channels. That’s due in large part to the power of Direct Mail to deliver the right message to the right target audience at the right time.​



The secret to successful Direct Mail, of course, is the right lists. PDS List Brokerage, with its proprietary suite of advanced analytic, research and modeling tools, coupled with deep expertise in virtually every market sector, enables us to help our clients:

  • Uncover fresh sources of productive data

  • Improve list performance

  • Save money on list acquisition


Who are your best customers? Your worst? What are the attributes we can identify among overlooked files to identify just those segments that will be most responsive to your offer? What files provide “look-alike” matches to your best customers? These are just a few of the questions our brokers explore to help your business grow.​


Our proprietary strategic planning platform deploys in-depth quantitative and qualitative  research analysis and profiling of your current customers in order to identify sources for finding more of the same. We employ advanced predictive modeling, data enhancement and licensing to improve the performance of even your best data sources in primary, secondary and non-traditional markets. 

We provide our clients with comprehensive campaign planning.  With your house files and cooperative databases. as well as on-going testing of new data sources.
With PLD platform, we provide annualized and seasonal planning, plus reactivation strategies targeting dormant customer and P/L projections, specific to your particular metrics.



Our standard reporting package includes.

  • Seasonality Analysis

  • Universe Trending Analysis

  • Creative Tracking

  • List Category Analysis

  • List Performance Analysis

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